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A Journey of Passion & Endurance

Addicted to off-road adventures

In the exhilarating world of amateur off-road motorsport, TimeOut Racing has carved a remarkable niche. Born from the rugged dreams of off-road enthusiasts in 2013, this dynamic team embarked on an audacious journey with a modified Land Rover Defender. Their early triumphs, interspersed with challenges, quickly revealed a vital truth: the demanding terrains of off-road rallies required more than what their first vehicle could offer.

Undeterred, the team embraced the monumental task of building their own vehicle. What was initially a four-month project evolved into a two-year odyssey of engineering, innovation, and sheer determination. Along this transformative path, the team's roster evolved, reflecting the evolving spirit of TimeOut Racing.

In a bold move, the team's second vehicle was sold, and in 2022, they unleashed a new beast: the Can AM Maverick Side by Side. This marked a new chapter in their ongoing saga of grit, adrenaline, and off-road mastery.


TimeOut Racing is not just about the race; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of passion and the unyielding spirit of adventure. Join us in this thrilling journey where every turn is an adventure, and every challenge is an opportunity for greatness.

Expanding Horizons

TimeOut Racing's Dakar Rally Adventure and YouTube Debut.

2022 marked a pivotal year in TimeOut Racing's enthralling saga, as they ventured beyond the driver's seat to embrace a new role - that of a dedicated service crew. This expansion of their racing horizons led them to the world-renowned Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, a challenging terrain that tests the mettle of the toughest off-road enthusiasts. Their involvement not only elevated their experience but also paved the way for an exciting new venture: the launch of TimeOut Racing's YouTube channel. 

Capturing the essence of their journey, the team's YouTube debut offered an insider's view of the Dakar Rally, bringing to life the intensity and thrill of supporting a crew in one of the world's most demanding races. This digital leap allowed fans and followers to witness the team's passion and expertise, making their adventures more accessible than ever.

The year 2024 saw TimeOut Racing repeating this exhilarating experience, but with an even more thrilling twist. They teamed up with RUPPERT Motorsport, a truck team from Germany, to tackle the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia once again. This collaboration not only underscored TimeOut Racing's growing prominence in the off-road racing world but also showcased their versatility and commitment to the sport.


As TimeOut Racing continues to evolve, they remain true to their roots of passion, perseverance, and the love of off-road racing. Their journey from amateur racers to seasoned Dakar Rally service crew members and YouTube content creators is a testament to their dynamic growth and unyielding spirit. Join us in following their remarkable journey, where every race is a story, and every story is an adventure waiting to be told.

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