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Dakar Classic Rally Assistance 

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Are you looking for an experienced Dakar Classic Service Team? Join us for a custom-tailored rally experience like no other! With deep roots in the Dakar Classic and strong rally scene connections, we're here to guide your journey, whether you're a seasoned competitor or a passionate newcomer. Let's make your Dakar dreams a reality together.

Carrier service

  • Administrative support 

  • Logistics support

  • Equipment transport 

  • Social media coverage

Relax & Enjoy

  • Administrative support 

  • Logistics support

  • Service in Saudi Arabia

  • Mechanics in Saudi Arabia

  • Equipment transport 

  • Social media coverage


We focus on your personal Daklar Calssic experience. We don't want as many customers as possible, but fully satisfied customers. Come and talk to us about your needs for the Dakar Calssic. Thanks to our good contacts we will be able to offer you a unique package​

Our packages

Our services

Competent, flexible and professional

Dakar Mechanics

Our service offers access to Dakar-tested mechanics who specialise in the maintenance of motorbikes, cars, SSVs and trucks. With expertise gained on the world's toughest terrains, they'll make sure your vehicle is Dakar-ready. Trust us for unrivalled mechanical support.

Social Media Coverage

Elevate your Dakar journey with our dedicated media coverage service, tailored for social media. We provide access to professional motorsport photographers, ensuring your rally moments are captured with precision and flair. Let us bring your Dakar story to life, engaging audiences with compelling content and stunning visuals. Embrace the spotlight with our expert media service.

Dakar Service Vehicles

Discover tailored Dakar service vehicles designed to meet your unique needs. Our diverse fleet ranges from versatile cars and vans to robust all-terrain trucks, ensuring your support system is as ready for the challenge as you are. Embrace reliability and adaptability with our specialized service vehicles, your essential allies in the heart of Dakar.

Dakar Catering

​Indulge in delicious, nourishing meals crafted for you and your team with our Dakar Catering Service. From savory snacks to full-course menus, we specialize in providing balanced and healthy dining options tailored to the demanding Dakar Classic environment. Our expertise ensures you don't have to compromise on nutrition and taste while navigating the challenges of the rally. Let our catering service fuel your journey with the perfect blend of energy and flavor.


Dakar Classic Transport

Entrust us with the seamless transport of your race vehicle from Europe to Saudi Arabia and back home safely. Our comprehensive service takes care of all logistics, including meticulous coordination with the ASO, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With our expert handling, you can focus solely on the race, confident that your vehicle is in capable hands every step of the way. Let us navigate the complexities of transportation for you, making your Dakar adventure as smooth as the journey ahead.

TimeOut Racing Dakar Team

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